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(A lot of) old guys like weird things so they stand out in a crowd :surprise: (not me, although I do like wearing neon green shoes and shirt when I'm out and about :wink: )

Certainly is an eye-opener.

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Both front and rear axles are visible and are solid with differentials,

So it looks like he has taken the whole drive train from a FWD ,
and maybe the chassis too, and dropped the SLK on top,
rather than modify the existing SLK suspension.

The panel behind the doors is reduced from about 150mm to 30mm,
so where is the room for the rear side window mechanism?
Maybe they are just removed.

With giant rear wheel tubs intruding into the trunk, can the roof even be lowered now?

Where I live, if Police spotted this being driven on the road, it would be immediately given an unroadworthy certificate, a fine and be sent home on a truck, but there seems to be endless videos of these huge wheeled cars driven in USA.

So when the mods mean it can move but not be driven for any normal use,
then is it transport, or only art?

Either way they've got way too much spare time on their hands.
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