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Now here is a good reason to leave the old Man at home.:grin::grin:

Bettys and motorcycles are in a way, inseparable. They are the two best things in any (male) rider's life, and even though they go well separately, things are only getting better when they are combined. The World's Largest All Female Biker Meet is an event that celebrates riding ladies and is aimed at setting a new world record.

Women from UK and Ireland are expected to join the ranks of the World's Largest All Female Biker Meet on August 16th at the famous Ace Cafe in London, UK. Of course, participation in the event is open to any riding woman, no matter the type of bike, nationality or other similar aspects.

The event was organized by two women, Nimisha Patel and Sherrie Woolf, and is aimed at raising awareness of the increasing number of riding ladies. The final goal is to draw attention from bike and clothing manufacturers, incenting them to upgrade and improve the range of lady-specific apparel.

The former record is a mere 221-strong gathering

Such meets have happened before, with te current record beings set last year in Australia, when 221 women arrived in one place riding 190 motorcycles.

So far, the organizers of the World's Largest All Female Biker Meet attempt say they have signs telling them that the record will be effortlessly broken, but this is no reason to lay low. Around 600 women are expected at the Ace Cafe, but the event's Facebook page is still being distributed in social media and more women are encouraged to make a trip to the iconic cafe on August 16th.

A fund raise and a raffle will also take place, with all the proceedings going towards the Hospice of the Valleys charity supported by the main sponsor of the event, the Circuit of Wales.

The raffle prizes are as diverse and cool as it gets. The organizers have prepared Moto GP tickets, bike servicing, tyres, biketime suspension setup, maintenance training sessions, bench time at OMC and Ace Cafe goodies, to name only a few of them.

Make sure you join the event if you are riding anywhere near London in mid-August, and have your say in this amazing endeavor.
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