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Wonder if she will make it on People of

Melinda Reeves, 34, of Wilson, North Carolina, drove to Walmart in Clayton and started putting stuff into her purse, without an intention to pay for it, WRAL reports. Loss prevention officials (aka security guards at Walmart) saw her doing it and confronted her about it: that’s when she turned tails and ran away.

“When staff members approached Reeves, she became confrontational and ran out of the store,” the report notes. The officials called the police, who immediately started looking out for vehicles leaving the parking lot.

When they couldn’t come across the thief, they decided to have a look at surveillance video to see if they could pinpoint the car she’d arrived in. They found it and were surprised to see that it had not left the parking lot. When they approached the vehicle, they saw that lid of the trunk was ajar and there was some movement inside.

Reeves came out when told to and willingly went with the officers. She must’ve realized she’d exhausted all possibilities to flee with the stolen merchandise – which, by the way, was a mere trifle.

“Police found a bottle of wine, a package of laundry detergent and a Little Mermaid toy. The merchandise was worth $16.83,” the publication reports. “Reeves was charged with shoplifting and has been trespassed from all Walmarts. She was taken to jail on a $2,500 bond.”

This was a lot of hustle and bustle that wasn’t worth it, as Reeves must have told herself on the way to jail. The report doesn’t say whether she has priors or if alcohol was a factor in her skewed decision-making process.
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