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Footage shot by residents and posted to social media reveals that one of the occupants of the vehicles involved ended up pinned between the two cars, a Range Rover Evoque and a Mercedes. The Daily Mail reports that the driver of the Mercedes was tasered and led away in handcuffs by the police.

You can also see one of the videos that’s been making the rounds at the bottom of the page. It starts off right after the verbal spat escalated into physical violence, with a woman in her 40s wedged between the two vehicles. It is believed she came out of the Evoque to confront the other driver and he hit her when he tried to speed off.

In the video, a couple of men are seen grabbing their hair in shock while the poor woman is helpless between the 2 cars. It takes the men a few seconds to realize what they must do, even though the police were already on the scene so, presumably, the poor woman had been like this for many minutes. One of the guys goes back inside the Evoque and backs up, releasing the woman.

She crumbles on the ground and yells in pain. The Mail says that another man complained of pains during the incident and was rushed to the hospital at the same time as the woman, but no one knows yet what part he played in the incident.

The third vehicle involved in the incident is a double-decker London bus, which the Mercedes seems to have slammed into after cutting in front of it.

“At this early stage it is believed [the woman] was the occupant of a car who became involved in a dispute with another car,” a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police says. “She had got out of her car before being struck by the other car as it attempted to drive away.”

“An altercation occurred after the collision and one man – no further details – was arrested at the scene on suspicion of affray,” the spokesperson adds. “He has been taken into police custody after a Taser was discharged during the arrest.”

Police are urging eyewitnesses to come forward with more details, to help them paint a more accurate picture of the incident.

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Last report I saw said she had life changing injuries.

Bottom line, he is a disqualified driver.
Should not have been on the road.

Knowing how soft our legal system is little will happen to him.
She, meanwhile, has a hard recovery ahead of her.

Idiots like him should not be allowed their freedom so long as a victim is suffering.
Just plain ridiculous.
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