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Slider Crimes still happen in growing numbers all across the U.S., but this one woman from South Fulton County, Georgia refuses to be among the victims

On Saturday night, Princess was pumping gas at a local gas station when she noticed a blue sedan pull in right next to her Mercedes-Benz. At first, she didn’t think anything was wrong, but the moment she saw the passenger door on the other car open, she understood what was about to happen.

She was about to become a victim of a Slider Crime, the name generally given to this type of theft. Suspects usually ride in two and hit women at gas stations or parking lots, when they step out of their car for a few moments. The passenger opens the door and jumps inside the open and unlocked car and takes either the victim’s purse or the car itself.

Princess doesn’t know what the thieves wanted to take from her, but she’s happy she didn’t get to find out. With ninja-like reflexes, she jumped inside her car through the open passenger door and thus discouraged the thieves from targeting her. The suspect got back into his own car and drove off.

The incident was captured by a nearby security camera, and Princess is going public with it in the hopes it might warn others of this type of crime.

“As soon as I saw the door open, I jumped in the car,” Princess tells WSB-TV 2 Atlanta. “I didn't have a chance to think; all I was thinking was, he's not about to take my stuff. It was mind-blowing. I just couldn't believe he was doing this while I'm standing here."

“Nobody wants anything taken from them, no matter if you have insurance or not. That's just a big inconvenience,” Princess adds.

Police recommend always locking your car, even if you happen to step out only for a few moments and will stand by it while you pump gas.
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