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1 woman from Miami, Florida, really wanted fries with that, but she wanted free fries. When the Burger King manager informed her that she wouldn’t be getting them, she jumped out of her car and went on a rampage,

The incident occurred last month, when Natasha Ethel Bagley and her girlfriend Genesis Peguero went on a date. They drove their SUV at the Miami Burger King and, after placing their order, they asked for free fries. The manager informed them that they wouldn’t be getting them.

Instead of leaving or, better yet, offering to pay for the fries as any other reasonable human being would have done, Bagley and Peguero parked their car and went inside the fast food joint. Here, they unleashed hell on the poor, unnamed manager, NBC Miami reports.

“Peguero demanded the manager open the register and ‘give up all the money,’ and the manager said Peguero threatened to hit her in the face with a .45 caliber pistol while placing her hands in her pocket,” the report notes. “When the manager grabbed a phone and tried to call police, Peguero snatched the phone out of her hands and punched her in the face.”

“Bagley then jumped over the counter and also attacked the manager, and as they started to leave, Peguero ripped both registers and monitors from the counter, causing them to break. Peguero jumped back over the counter and started hitting the manager again,” NBC Miami reports.

The two women then ran to their car and were off. Police eventually tracked down the vehicle, which was listed in Bagley’s name and she was brought in. Peguero is still on the run.

After she was identified by the victim, Bagley was charged with armed burglary with assault or battery, attempted robbery with a deadly weapon and criminal mischief. She is being held without bail.

All that for free fries.
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