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Windshield wiper fluid leak

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I bought a 1999 230 SLK with 33,000 miles on it at the beginning of the summer. I found I have a problem with the windshield wiper fluid reservoir. When I add fluid, it immediately drains out the bottom of the car. I suspect that a connection or hose is disconnected. I am unable to see the exact source of the leak. I have not yet tried taking things apart to find the leak out of fear that I will mess up other parts, and I have not found any instructions for taking apart the windshield wiper fluid reservoir.

Are leaks like this common, and if so, what is the most likely cause?

Unless I can find a rather simple way of fixing this, I will probably end up taking it in to get fixed. But even then, I would like to have an idea of what I am up against and what it should cost to fix.

I am confident this problem existed when I bought my car. I didn't notice the problem until the fall because I washed my car so often I didn't need to use windshield washer fluid. A bug on the windshield was all the excuse I needed to wash the car.
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It's easy to access and figure out if you 1) raise the right front corner onto a stand, 2) remove the wheel, and 3) remove the plastic liner (two small bolts underneath, one small bolt forward, and four plastic nuts). You'll see it all right there.
I don't think it is very common.
Washer reservoir / pump leak....

I also had a leak at the reservoir. It was two things, the pump and the grommet that seals the pump when it is mounted. It is important to use a washer fluid that uses distilled water in the mixture. The previous owner put in tap water. Here in Sicily the tap water is very high in mineral content and eventually it clogged the pump. My washer jets were also clogged as a result of using tap water.


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