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I found it near impossible to find a solution for this issue until recently, but still never found pictures. This should simplify it for people having the same issue.

For the last couple months, every time it would rain more than a few drips, or we went to the car wash, the passenger floor would become flooded with water. It was very obnoxious and was not obvious where it was coming from, and would get worse once you would start driving. I checked the other thread on the drains, and it wasn't exactly clear where the locations of some were, I cleaned all the ones I could find, and still was getting flooded. Here are the remaining drains that will cause this exact issue.

Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Trunk Bumper

to get to this area, you remove the wiper arms with a 13mm wrench, take out all the visible Philips screws on the shroud, lift the shroud upwards, and pull it towards the front of the car, with some wiggling it should come free. Watch out for the electrical connections and washer hoses underneath, there were more than I expected.

Now you can just dig all the leaves and dirt out, I had about a pound of it to remove, and clean the rubber plugs/hoses in each one. The center drain is easy to pull out, the fender drain is not, I'd recommend removing the wheel well if it's so clogged you must remove the hose. The fender drain is mirrored on the driver's side, and might as well be cleaned while you're in here.

If you were having this issue, it is likely you need to do some cleaning in the airbox as well, and a new cabin air filter, my pictures of this aren't great but it's decently accessible.

Under your glovebox, there is a panel with holes in it , and two Philips head screws. Unscrew those, and then push it back to release it. This panel hides the blower motor and cabin filter. I pulled the carpet back to inspect for any damage or standing water, but this isn't necessary. Looking directly up at the dash from the floorboard, you will see two covers, with white plastic clips on them. Simply slide the clips to the outside of the panels, and they will tilt off easily. Mine were full of old dead leaves and dirt. I cleaned them up, put in a new filter, and buttoned it all back up. [Edit, new picture]

Trigger Air gun Bumper Gun barrel Automotive exterior

Bumper Automotive lighting Automotive exterior Automotive design Gas

I couldn't believe how much dirt had made it in.

Hopefully this helps anyone baffled as to why their Mercedes has become a swimming pool, and I plan to update with more photos that are a bit more clear of the process to clean inside the car tonight, as I had to order the filter. I'd say the job is a 2/10 on the difficulty scale, and only requires a Philips screwdriver, and a 13mm socket/wrench.

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