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We've noticed a lot of our competitors are now offering "graphics" on their wind blockers. Don't be fooled by competitors. Our laser etched graphics have the capability to capture every fine line and perfectly recreate your vision for your WindRestrictor® or Edge Lit Art.

There's no limit to your creativity and our art department will work with you to make sure your image is 100% to your standards before placed on your purchase. Please, compare our craftsmanship or customer interaction to anybody in the wind deflection world making similar devices.

Our Lifetime Warranty, many accessories, and 5% off using the code Forum Member is further proof that we go beyond for anybody who decides to purchase our product. We look forward to your business and would like to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who has purchased from us in the past.

Ready to order a WindRestrictor®? Click here.

How about Edge Lit Art? Click here.
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