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Will I get lucky.....

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with these as replacement LED's for my 2010 300 with AMG body kit fog lights ????

Xenon White 68 SMD Car H7 6000K LED Bulb Head Light Fog Daytime Lamp DC 12V A42 | eBay

any bets on if they cause an error code as they are soooooooo cheap ??!?!?!?!?:bling:
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In my opinion, they will absolutely give you an error 'bulb out'

if would need a warning like this:
European vehicles and daytime running light applications may require LED DRL Decoders or Error Free Decoder Wiring Kit to prevent any error messages or flickering issues
Yep, you'll need cancellors...

I recently found an alternative to the typical aluminium type ones that get really hot and had them wired up to a set of led H7 headlights with built in fans for 30 mins or so and they didn't heat up hardly at all ...

2pcs H7 LED DRL Canbus Bulbs Error Warning Canceller Load Resistor DecoderDC 12V | eBay

I've had to resolder the wiring on the aluminium ones I have, more than once due to the heat the produce....
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