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It is a shame that MB never bothered bringing the X over here the land of Red Neckies Pick her upper trucks I 4 sure would have bought a used one and modded the living Holmer out of it.:smile::wink:

It's like Germany's Raptor.
We’ve seen our fair share of modified X-Class pickup trucks in the two years that have passed since Mercedes introduced its utilitarian vehicle using the bones of the Nissan Navara. We’re still under the impression the three-pointed star should come out with a rugged version of its workhorse by taking inspiration from the G-Class 4x42. One tuner decided to take matters into its own hands by developing a package that turns the X-Class into an off-road-ready machine.

After showing us its beefy Mercedes G-Class last month, Germany’s delta4x4 is back with a similar program tailored to the X-Class. The aftermarket specialists can jack up the body and increase the suspension travel to make the pickup truck more competent on bumpy terrain. A bullbar made from stainless steel complements the hardware changes and can be combined with other accessories like a sports bar for the bed.

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