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The old Mog looks soooo much better and crawl as good just a little slower.:smile:

To many, the X-Class is the first Mercedes-Benz double-cab bakkie but the three-pointed star has in fact been building five-seater vehicles with a loadbin for much longer. And no, we are not referencing AMG’s ridiculous G63 6X6 double-cab.

The vehicle in question is Mercedes-Benz’s Unimog, a design which started as an agricultural tool and evolved into the most capable off-road vehicle a private civilian buyer can acquire.

Although the first Unimog’s appeared comically undersized and underpowered, local farmers recognised their potential and in South Africa, the ‘Mog has become legendary.

Across the world, in markets where there are mountain rescues to be executed or isolated powerlines which require servicing, those tasks befall the Unimog. Firefighting. Medical evacuation from the inhospitable terrain. There’s never a task too challenging for the Unimog.

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