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Why should I go with the illuminated wind deflector?

-Choose between 8 single colors or the “ELK” color changing unit
-Add personalization to your roadster or convertible
-Wire into your brake lights for a rare third brake light effect
-Easily control brightness with a remote
-Very cost efficient mod compared to other styling/performance products such as body kits, exhaust systems, interior work etc.
-Unique patented technology that turns heads and sets your car apart from the rest
-Overwhelmingly positive feedback and windscreen reviews from our customers

If you are reading this post I’ll bet you’re considering one of our ambient lit wind deflectors for your fine convertible. If this is the case you are in good company. On average about 80% of our customers choose the illuminated version over the basic non-illuminated versions we have available. It’s not a big mystery as to why. Our lighted wind control systems not only block a significant amount of wind turbulence inside the cabin at highway speeds, but they are a fantastic styling product as well. Our one-of-a-kind edge lit glow technology that we have incorporated with the high-quality photo realistic laser engraved images provide a truly personalized work of art for your vehicle. The custom designed lighting systems along with our proprietary glass edge treatment are the perfect combination for a unique lighted auto accessory. The glow of our products is very subtle and not overpowering like neon lights or other high candle -powered lighting accessories on the market. You will notice a soft elegant glow, an almost fiber-optic effect with our innovative products. This glow will be present inside the graphics of your choice as well as inside the perimeter of the glass. The rest of the surface will not be illuminated and will be totally transparent allowing for full rearward vision. If you are not convinced yet that the lighted version is the way to go please take a look at this demo video.

This video shows the Extreme Lighting Kit (ELK), it’s an add-on accessory but it’s a good example because you will see all of the colors that are available displayed on the vehicle. This may be the best choice for those of you that simply can not make up your minds on illumination color! If you want to know more about this color changing accessory check out our wind deflector accessories information post here. If you are not convinced the illuminated version is for you we know you will be just as happy with our clear or etched version. Our designs are all perfectly transparent and crystal clear for optimal viewing conditions unlike others on the market that may be constructed from black mesh types of materials or plastic leaving the rear view hindered especially at night.

What color do we recommend?

This really all depends. Several factors come into play when trying to determine the best color for each project. A large majority of our potential customers will want to get the same color as the paint on their vehicle. This is not a bad idea at all so if you would like to do this we encourage you to do so. How about the gray, white or black vehicles though? We think any of our color selections will look beautiful on these neutral color vehicles. Here’s something to consider when making your decision. Our lighting systems produce the best glow effect in the evening hours when there is no direct sunlight. As the sun is setting in the evening you will begin to see a faint, elegant glow to the product and this effect will become more brilliant into the night. The illumination of our product is also astonishing in shaded areas such as a parking garages or at indoor car exhibits, even with the lights on in the building. Because the lighting is best seen at night the paint of your vehicle will be seen less during the time when the deflector is glowing. Because of this it’s really not imperative that the light match the color of your car although we know it looks awesome when it does! Below are a few photos of red illumination systems glowing at night, seen from the rear of the vehicle. This happens to be my favorite color of illumination and no it’s not only because I own a Red Corvette! I just love the way the lighting perfectly matches with the tail and brake lights!

In my opinion those of you considering the brake lamp power source or the glow module with the built in brake and ghosting function should get the red illumination system to match. My second choices of color with brake function are orange and amber. You may just love the blue or green though so get whatever color you want to show off with!

Here’s a demo video of the Glow Module and Extreme Lighting Kit combined.

What are the brightest and dimmest colors we have available?

Now when I talk about brightness levels I need to first say that none of our lighting systems are anywhere near the level of brightness that you will see with Xenon Light accessories on the market. Our lighting systems are much more dim and elegant, ambient and very classy. Having said that, white is hands down the brightest of all the ambient lighting colors we offer. White is created by putting a few different colors together and therefore requires a slightly elevated amount of power to run this color. Red is the second brightest and is considered to be the internationally recognized attention color. I love having the extra red lighting on my Corvette at night while I’m driving next to the big trucks on the freeway. Most of our convertibles are so low to the ground and really could use a bit of an extra glow to help folks know we are in that next lane. Orange, Yellow/Amber, Blue and Green come next and these are very beautiful colors indeed. I have to say blue is my second favorite color, it’s just so brilliant and vivid! Pink and Purple are the dimmest of the colors we offer. Particularly purple so if you are ordering this just keep in mind that it will be a very subtle color.

I hope this information has helped you out a little in making your decision about the lighted wind deflector. Please leave your comments below, rate this post and if you have anything at all you would like to contribute please do as I would love to know what your thoughts are on the information provided.

Happy top down driving!

-WR Crew

Stop by the Wind Restrictor® Site here for more information:
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