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^^---- as Myk has already said above...

Given that the 'Vehicle' field in your profile is just free-form text (and not everybody even fills it out - despite being asked), it really wouldn't be possible to get a % breakdown across all of our members. Different people include different (or no) information in that field, making it impossible to do anything smart with it to provide such a breakdown.

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95,102 Posts poll. request is not realistic for the forum.
members listed is over 40000 Members: 41,382
but only about 100 members are on in any given day.
we have members who have never even made 1 post so they will not poll
25968 new members who have joined our great forum from 2006 to date and have not made even 1 post.
members do not even update their profile so they will not poll
guests cannot poll until they become members
then see my reasons above and repeat and repeat

we cannot even get more than 60 members to vote in our Ride of the Month voting poll

you want to see what member owns what model?
Look at their profile under their name :D

Vehicle: 2005 SLK350 Auto Caspian Blue/Beige
Vehicle: 2005 SLK 350 poll on this thread.
So please do not add to this thread with your model/year etc
Just a waste of time and space
as mentioned, provided member has taken the time to update their profile
the member list advanced search will show you what you want to know

member list
advanced search
enter info you are looking for

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If you've an interest in numbers (and I certainly have ..... :nerd::nerd::nerd: ) then the chance to look at forum data is compelling. But, as Jeff says, it's not really practical as, despite a large sample base (the forum members) not everyone really participates. So any data you may gather (or infer statistically) may be interesting but not really representative or relevant.

As an exercise, you can take what Jeff has said and work out how statistically irrelevant the data you could gather would be given the forum population - you'll see it's probably slightly less accurate than those political polls you see before election time (you know the sort .... from our sample of 1000 people asked, 25% said they'd vote for X, 33% said they'd vote for Y. Therefore Y will win when everyone votes.....)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts