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We have a top down thread, but no top up thread that I searched for (not taking bets that JB won't dust one off though).

Yesterday, had a great top down day in North Wales.

Today it's raining. So what? SLKs are built for pretty much all weathers.
So, as a birthday treat, we decided to take both cars back into North Wales loaded with the inlaws (I get on with the inlaws & a day out means good scoff somewhere).

Similar route today Horseshoe Pass, Llangollen, Corwen and into Betws y Coed for lunch.
If you ever visit ByC look for the Alpine Café next to the railway station.
Over 40 blends of tea, Vegie and Vegans catered for. Everything is enviromentaly considered (they have a couple of animal charities they support).
The food is absolutely top notch BUT the desserts are cardiac hitters.
I've just had the best muffin ever and it's not a flavour I'd normally go for (Banana and maple syrup).

Out of ByC and onto Blanau Ffestinog, over the mountains, through the clouds and into Bala. Then back to the Wirral.

Had to behave, but the Father in Law (FiL) loves the sound, grip etc. He's even quite happy with the seat.

Short blast down the M53. One of the big bmw x series thought he'd block my acceleration onto the Mway. No FiL = NO CHANCE! Killed him and stopped at 70 ish (Speedo error is roughly 10%, surely?).
Shocked him that much that he too a couple of miles to find the bottle to go again.
Once he disappeared I got the chance to open up. These things stick like glue.

The best bit? BB had to give up bikes for health reasons. The SLKS have given a lot of the bike feel back to us. Spent the whole day in convoy, kept the olds happy and fresh as daisies once home.

Rained the whole day, tested both cars grip without a hitch.
Ended with smiles every bit as big as yesterdays top down fun.
Even had a play with the satnav on roads I know, to test it. Brilliant. Love the duplicate display on the dash and course correction wasn't bad either.

Sure, it's nice to drive in the sun top down, but that's not the only card the slk (ANY slk) has to play.

:grin: >:D :grin:
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