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Due to a technical issue the old thread with this title has merged with
'What did you do to your SLK today?'.
No posts have been lost, but despite the best efforts of the tech team
they have not been able to undo the merge.

So, this thread will now be the 'Who got their top down in the sun today?' thread.
RIP to our old thread, which had many SLK memory's for the Owners that posted in it....

So to re-launch our new "Who Got Their Top Down" thread, thought I'd post these pictures

With the relaxation of CV-19 rules here in England and just before the sunny Lock Down weather ended, I planned a long drive out West to finally blow the winter cobwebs from the engine..!!

First stop was one of the many car parks in the New Forest for a coffee break:

Then via some nice "B" roads, lunch stop was over looking Weymouth Bay, to see the Cruise ships that are currently parked up there....

After a walk & Ice Cream on the beach, took advantage of the late afternoon sunshine for another picture:

Working My way back East along the Juristic Coast, another good photo opportunity:

All in all, a very fine SLK "Top Down" ~200 mile day out... :cool:

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Went on a mini road trip around Suffolk and Norfolk with @Trev5 and @Mealor and visited Lowestoft and Ness Point, Gorlston and Great Yarmouth. All top down driving and the hottest day of the year. Attached is a picture taken at Ness Point.
Not sure about mini Road Trip - I just popped out for for some mid week Fish & Chips with friends...!!
But first was a visit to "Ness Point" in Lowestoft to check out the finish to the Race the Sun..

Next stop was "Gorleston-on-Sea" for the important part of the day - Which was almost a fail when the only Fish & Chip shop ran out of chips..!! Lucky a delivery of chips arrived just in time to save the day(y)
Then after an 99 Ice Cream break, had an AMG cruise through "Great Yarmouth"

Parting our own ways, I headed in land to "Bury St Edmonds to pick up some more car parts and then carried on cross country via some nice SLK roads to the A1(M) passing the Duxford Museum:

Never mind the low flying Spitfire, I also had a bird strike (Crow?) that made a hell of a thud, that made the centre light console sun-glass holder drop down...!! Lucky no damage after I cleaned it up.

Finally made it home after 8 hours & 350 mile drive out for Fish & Chips...!!

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Had a top down drive just inside the M25 today, to cut some dead branches off a Bramley Apple tree...
....but while up the ladder & looking down on My car:

...thought of a good photo - I call it the 1:18 car model angle..!!

Then having tidied up in this afternoon's 33'c heat, headed back out of the M25, top down of course & Air-con around our feet - Though thought it rude not to stop at one of these (called a pub, apparently..!) for a "half a shandy"...
Thought the name of this Pub was very appropriate, for today's activities:

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On the way out for a sip at the Ontex Belvedere Bistro, Lac de Bourget, France's biggest natural lake, is shown here with Chambery and the Belledonne Alps in the background.
Thanks for sharing Your SLK Pictures - Lovely driving area in France You live..!!
We have driven over the "Col de Chat" and through "Chambery" quite a few times while heading South, rather than staying on the Peage Toll Network. If You scroll to the bottom of "Page 1" of this Link, Day 2 stopped at the same view point...!!
This Picture was from our 2015 trip - Same View point - But hazy July day..!!

Just the other side of "Col de Chat" is this nice view, with a picnic table in the shade:

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Making the most of the September sunny weather, had a nice run out to the Cotswolds to meet up with another SLKworld member.
Avoiding the North Oxford Ring Road traffic, found the B4437 either side of Charlbury to be an excellent SLK driving Road, with nice views:

Now this bit of the "B4437" may look familiar..??

For those who watch "Harry's Garage" YouTube Channel:
Onward to Burford Garden Centre:

This is My bit to helping out the current CV-19 UK economy:

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Definately looks like a lovely SLK road AND SLK cake. Was it Lemon or Ginger?
Victoria Sponge actually - So plain vanilla sponge, with jam and cream filling....!! (y)

Due to the excellent SLK parking and plenty for the partners to look at in the garden centre....
Would make an excellent SLK midweek meet point:

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Had another trip out on Sunday to the "Lambourne Downs" to enjoy the last of the summer.....
Leaving the "M4" at Junction 12, took the lovely beach tree lined route through "Bradfied" - "Yattendon" - "Hermatige" - "Chievely" then tracked West avoiding the "M4" to find a nice river side pub at "Great Shefford"
Never mind "Eat out, to help out" this is our contribution to "Use it, or loose it" (The chalk stream is the other side of the fence, with ducks ect..!!)

Headed on after our late lunch, in search of more views - Here at "Court Hill" with the start of the Autumn Colours:

Next photo stop - "Uffington White Horse" - Best seen from the air:

Not a view of My car that I normally see...!!
Putting on our bullet proof vests, next stop was "Hungerford" for an Ice Cream and walk around this nice Canel side town. Before driving up to the car park below "Combe Gibbet" to just catch the last of the sunset:

All in all, a very fine SLK afternoon out...!!

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With the dry and sunny days now becoming few & far between, took advantage of a slight break in the rainy weather and had a flying visit to the Cotswold's:

The day started well when I spotted a Austin Martin Vanquish pulling into Cliveden National Trust/Five star Hotel with a "B1518" number plate (Has a red Trade Plate due to this being a development vehicle, apparently..) Which I only whatched on "Harry's Garage" YouTube channel last week, so must being doing the rounds...?
Link to the Video, for those who fancy a V12 in their car collection - But if You have to ask how much, You can't afford it.....:
Anyway, onward past Oxford & first stop for lunch was "Charlbury", which is a small but quaint Cotswold's village:

Continuing along the lovely "B4437" driving road to "Burford" with it's quirky main street:

....for a wonder & some retail therapy (Not for Me, I add...) - Though did spot this useful Gift: (y)

Heading back, was hoping to grab a nice autumn colour's SLK type picture, but with the next rain front already on it's way, was not to be.....

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Had an afternoon drive out around some Hampshire Lanes today - Have to say, the trees leading up My drive (Not!) to the public road are looking very fine this time of year...!!

Now I know AMG's are quick, but can they really go back in time to the 1960's..?

Heading towards Winchester:

So much for a clean car, it rained soon after taking this picture:

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A great way to boost the spirits! After giving Mabel a good spruce up, I took a leisurely top down drive around some of my favourite local roads yesterday. Some beautiful autumn colours to the trees. Arrived back home with a big smile on my face. :)
A heart warming SLK post, during these CV-19 times (y)
PS: Any pictures of the Scottish Autumn colours?

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And that's why I love looking at pics and vids of
other folks locales (y)
We are all secretly employed by "English Tourism".....!! ;)
^^^ This lovely description needs some picture evidence so we can match words to place... c'mon David (@Windinmyhair) this is a picture thread... we need pixies... :p
Need to "Crowd Fund" David an iPhone 8 to take some pictures while His out & about....!!!

In the mean time, this is "Lower Slaughter" which is just down stream of the "Upper" village that he went through:
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