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where to grab the rear speaker wires

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So according to my datacard i have an RADIO AUDIO 20 with no amp. I assume then there are wires running from the player to the seat belt speakers. I want to install an amp on there wires and install an amp and bigger speakers...

I know very little about the subject matter, but seems like a doable idea with what I know. Where and how do i intercept those wires. Or is there a better way to do it.

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The poweramp is integrated in the Audio 20. And yes, there are wires from the back of the Audio 20 to the small speakers behind the seats. But the audioinput on these wires is meant for a speaker not for the input of a separate amplifier. You wille have to attenuate this signal some way or the other before feeding it to an other amp or you willl get very distorted audio. Also I think there is not much room for bigger speakers behind the seats. If you want to intercept them for input to another amp bets place is behind the Audio 20 I guess. More info here
But if you have little knowledge about the subject best would be to go to a specialized audioshop. But you can always give it a try ofcourse.
The small speakers behind the seatbelts have passive crossover components soldered onto them (with the Audio 20 headunit) to limit the frequencies they can produce

I have mine hooked up to an Alpine amplifier as well as the centre rears (which I added)

You'll not get much out of these - it's not what they were designed for (they just add 'presence' to the sound' , and there's not a great deal of room behind the seat belt mount for larger speakers either.

The wiring for the Audio 20 headunit (which has no fader control, but does drive front and rear speakers via front and rear outputs) puts the front output to the door mids, tweeters and centre speakers, whilst the rear ouptput drives the door bass and rear seatbelt speakers. If you (using a quadlock adapter) hook up an aftermarket headunit to the standard wiring you'll see what I mean
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