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Lol i could not help myself asking where is the Dip Stick? I guess it is a Sign of the Time when your ask that Questions..... When you open the Hood as a Boomer and you see this....:confused::confused:

while on Hold on your Iphone with your friendly Dealer.:(:(....

On a Personal Note ..... i prefer this when i open the Hood.....

Yep i know it is so Yesterday...... but i love getting away from my Betty on a Saturday Morning with the Excuse that my Carbs leak again....

I enjoy spending Time with my Meachanic on a Saturday drinking Tea with him since he is from the Middle East. See his Daughters in the Business try 2 pull a fast one on me...... :):)

Watch my Friend and Mechanic of 25 Yrs going......... No No No Girls ..... The Berliner paid Part of you College Years.......:):):).... He remembers when you were little and you kicked the Fender of his beloved.........:(:(

For me my Mechanic of 25 Years is more than dropping the Car off in the Service Lane and Pay on the Way out....

My Mechanic of 25 Years is a Friend i met his Family i paid abit extra when a new Year of College started..... yep them 3 Girls needed a College Education.. i paid abit less when i was short on Cash and he fixed it anyway.......

I was on his Bedside with his Family when he had his 1st Heart Attack....

i was there when i pulled up 2 his Shop in my Pride and Joy he looked at me shaking his Head giving me that Hand Signal ....:(:(

Get this Car out of my Shop it is bad 4 my Business....:hail::hail:

Yep the Year is 2012 we got Fb Iphones Text Mess. and a bloody good Cover over the Engine on our Cars......

The Problems are plenty the Rattle never Stops..... and the darn Engine Light got a Mind of its own........ Motoring in 2012........

I called my Mechanic today told him looking forward 2 drink Tea smoke a Cuban and watch his Grand Daughters kicking somebody elses Fender....:):)

Yep i am a Boomer i am so Yesterday..... i hate social Media i love a good Cup of Tea a Cuban Smoke and a good Chat with my Mechanic......:):)

and yes i love it when my Mechanic told me Ghee Berliner really you want me 2 fix That...


Here is abit of Yesterdays Motoring ..... Made in England.... I just hope you got a good Relationship with your Mechanic

Jaguar XK, E-Type und XJS: Die drei wichtigsten Jaguar (Bildergalerie, Bild 1) - MOTOR KLASSIK

Jbanks pls delete the big Mb Pic it just exploded on my.... Sorry.....:(:(
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