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If you are adding an on/off switch it may be best to let your local stereo shop do the installation. They know all about switches and the best locations for them. From what we've found they don't charge very much considering the task. We've had people install them into consoles, into dashes and even behind seats. My little brother had his switch mounted down below the steering wheel area. Of course there is wiring that will go along with this.

People that are wanting the brake light only option do not need a switch. The lighting will only come on when you apply pressure to the brake pedal.

If you have the R 171 version we know that there is a hidden 12V outlet underneath the passanger side footwell area. We have instructions that show how to very easily hook up the wiring into this area. This in our opinion is the easiest option for our product and there is no hard wiring. All you do is plug it in when you are wanting it to light up and there are no wires visible. Lots of our customers don't mind doing the wiring at all.

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If I can be of further assistance to you. I enjoy talking about our wonderful products!

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