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please have the courtesy to reply to the message.
If you resolve the issue addressed, no need to reply.

Super Moderators donate their time and do not get paid
Therefore they have the power to enforce the smooth running of this wonderful forum.

This post applies to new members exclusively.

They would send you a message when they detect many things:

1. You have not completed the registration process and they can see you have a yellow ! by your username.
2. You have not updated your profile completely.
3. You have not posted a quick intro.
4. You are trying to message another member but you do not have the required number of posts.
5. How to get those required posts.
6. You have an inappropriate username that will definitely offend others
7. You have a username with all ascii characters/non standard name.
8. You need 5 posts to see 'Thanks' button.
9. Spammer - you are gone :D.
10. You have an email address as your user name. Forum is worldwide. Everyone can see your email address. Spam bots can spam you.
Contact us to change your user name.

This thread is closed for posts.

Thank you
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Our forum rules: Help

Please avoid profanity, pornography, attacking fellow members.
These are also reasons that the above might message you to make you aware.
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