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I recently switches the wheels/tires from winter to summer. The winter tires are on the wheels that (I think) came with the car from factory: 16 inch staggered set. Good condition, but the tires need replacing. These wheels are mentioned in the MB brochure for the R171, as shown in the attachment.

They were replaced by another set with decent summer tires, as shown in the photo attached. However, something seems off...they look tiny (even for 16 inch) and the center wheel caps in the front wheels don't fit. The dust cap is too close / to the outside. I think they were purchased afterwards and belong to a R172. Also staggered 16 inch, but (if I'm correct in assuming those belong to an R172) with a higher offset.

It's driving me nuts...the look and the caps not fitting. What would you suggest to fix this? I have been thinking about spacers (5 or 10 mm), but I'm not sure whether this is a good idea. I'm not sure which spacers to buy, whether or not I have proper lug nuts (length) and in general: I'm not good in making decisions. I could also replace the tires on the winter (original) wheels set, use those and leave the (alleged) R172 set unused.

Also, I'm not sure if the difference in offset (around 4 mm) would be the reason why the center wheel caps don't fit. It would really suck If I replaced wheels and tires without improvement. Any thoughts on this?

A long story, thanks for the patience...



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