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Can't help with rim.. But if you find one that's a bit scruffy.. I used a refurb "one man" outfit in mickle Trafford near Chester called F1 alloys to refurb all my AMG rims.
He charged me £300 (cash) and did a spot on job!
He asked me "so how do you want them".. I replied.. I don't want "pimped black.. I don't want "bling" silver.. I want them to look "prestigious" with class.
The bloke is a mind reader!!!
He was able to "look in my eyes" and able to interpret what I was trying to say!!!
Really, I can't praise the bloke enough .. Highly recommend him.. He even puts chrome balancing weights on, gives the calipers a repaint to a nice "factory" black look.
F1 alloys mickle Trafford Chester ..john..
(I was the 6ft 7" blue 230 K .. He will remember me... )
1 - 2 of 2 Posts