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I was told about these guys a few weeks back and having a spare alloy for my car that's been in the workshop for a few years doing nothing I thought I would let them have ago at refurbishing it . ( genuine 2005 wheel )

I took it in on thursday afternoon and they said it would be put in the acid bath , prime , paint gloss.

I asked how much and they said as its just a rim with no damage or tyre on it £40 !!!!!!!! Left me thinking yea rite.

They do different prices depending on what you are after ect and do remove tyres and refit plus balance.

Some of the custom paint jobs in the shop looked great , so I left the wheel and thought I would wait to see what its like next week , anyways the rang friday night to say your wheel is done ! And I collected and parted with my £40 today

Have to say its one of if not the best paint jobs on a wheel I have seen ! Bit in shock in a very happy way and now thinking about having the set on the car done at xmas once I pic a custom color :wink:

Would I recommend them ....errrm yup:smile:


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