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2008 SLK55 AMG
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I got the latest version for my 2008 Slk 55 AMG. Reading the stickies that are available on the forum is paramount in making this a fairly easy and painless install. Read, read and read again. The 2 issues I had were getting the carpet back enough, I made a couple of wooden wedges. I was able to unlatch the Cover and CanBus cover with the aid of a dental pic. I went with an Add a Fuse piggy backed the seat fuse and used a 5 amp fuse. Found the right socket to connect the module first go👍 tested all good finally zip tied excess wires, used the supplied Velcro to position module. Closed cover and put it all back to together added a little lithium grease to door sill clips to ease the reassembly ...Stood back remote in hand and gave it 👍👍

For anybody on the fence about buying the Smartop don’t hesitate, plus with the latest version you make changes without the aid of a laptop....


I did the install before I had my car back on the road after it’s winter hibernation. Now back on the road and I have been using it a lot. I was able to open and close it from quite a distance when I went to the grocery store, with all the other features the Smart Top offers it is definitely the #1 accessory for the SLK as far as I am concerned. Also the customer support is also top notch, I had one question and I got a response in 10mins on a Saturday! 5 Stars all around

2015 SLK 250D
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A new member asked me so I wrote this primer.

Tired of holding that inside vario roof button for 22 seconds (20 - 26 depending on model)?
Tired of standing outside your car with your keyfob/smartkey pointed at your door handle for 22 seconds looking like an idiot while the roof cycles?

Watch this first, it's short!:

The SmartTOP made by Mods4cars is the greatest mod ever made for the SLK. Available for ALL models (R170,R171,R172)

The features below based on what version of SLK you have:

One-Touch power convertible top
"One-Touch" convertible top operation allows your top to open or close automatically.
Open/Close the top while driving
Never have to stop again for your top: Open/Close your top while driving
(CLK 40km/h, SLK/SL 60km/h).
Top convenience mode
Turning the ignition on or off does not interrupt convertible top operation.
Remote control of convertible top
Open/Close your convertible top using the original factory remote control key / key fob.
Separate window control
Raise and lower the windows separately by remote without activating the top.
Window positions
Window positions (up/down) after top opening programmable.
Full RF Range
Top and window operation possible from the full distance (uncapped RF range of the factory key fob).
Comfort window open/close
One-Touch opening/closing of all windows via quick double tap on the top switch.
Full Rear Window control
Raise rear windows with top down.
Keyless top control*
One-touch top operation via keyless door handle.
*Keyless entry option required.
Hazard Signals
Optionally the blinkers are activated while top is operated from the remote.
Home Light
Remotely activate the front and tail lights.
Automatic door locks
Set power locks to automatically lock and unlock the doors when you drive.
Chirp-signal function
Short audible signals when locking and/or unlocking the car.
Comfort Wipers
After using the sprayer, activates the wipers 1x or 2x after short delay.
Mirror Park Assist (SLK)
This feature can automatically dip down the passenger mirror in reverse gear.
Lock Running Car
Lock and unlock the running car by remote (Keyless Required).
Full text setup in car display
Configure functions of the module to meet your personal preferences via our full text setup menu.
Passive Mode
Turn the module off with a quick key sequence when unaltered factory operation is desired.
Valet Mode
Lock the top in the closed position with a quick key sequence when needed.
Reversible plug-in installation
Remove any time allowing sale or return of a leased vehicle in its original condition.
Plug-n-Play Wiring harness
Custom designed plug-in-between wiring harness for extremely simple and quick installation included.
USB Port for easy setup / updates
This module can be configured and updated using any Mac or PC.
Remote Control - Open and close your convertible top using the original factory remote control key/key fob up to 300 feet away. Uses RF (radio frequency) NOT IR (infrared radiation) energy

among others.

It is available for R170, R171 and R172 SLK models. Price? about $329

It is made and sold by mods4cars from their website ( and can also be found on ebay, Amazon, and affiliated resellers on mods4cars website.

mods4cars website:
mods4cars Online Shop

Our DIY:
R170 SmartTOP Installation With Some videos

SmartTop Roof module Install for the R171

Installing the R172 version of the SmartTop Module

R172 SLK and SLC from mods4cars:
mods4cars product manual

Range of SmartTOP:
Guess how far is the range of rf in this picture?

SmartTOP Install Poll (How easy was it?):

FYI: If you buy from any other place but Mods4cars/Authorized reseller, you might be getting a version that might not be new or the firmware might not be the latest. Check SmartTOP version/update before you buy.
If anyone wants an installer in the UK, Chesterfield Auto Electrics did a great job on mine for £55
461 - 463 of 463 Posts