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What Colours were built in what numbers ? Do you have an unusual colour? Let's see it !

This thread raised the question..

and it contained this link with some really interesting raw data. - The SLK-Community - Verkaufszahlen R171

if we add up all the Wiess, the Grau, the Silber and Schwarz we get

BLACK / Grey / Silver / White = 84%
46% Silver
32% Black
5% White
1% Grey

Other Colours 13%
6% Blue
6% Red
0.5% Green
<0.1% Yellow?
and 3% total round errors.

This is from a sample of 245,000 R171s, I suspect that the spread is not too dissimilar for R170, despite the colour pallet being greater.
Checking all 250 SLK cars on in Australia, the colour percentages are almost exactly the same.

Someone earlier asked if SLK32s were available in a full range of colours. Well looking on google images, I have found some of each,,,, so they were! (maybe not the mid green?). But those yellow, red and blue SLK32s must be pretty rare. Just a few % of the 4000 total ?

All the R170 SLK32s & R171 SLK55s for sale here now are Black or Silver, so if the other colours were imported, they were in tiny numbers.
As For R172, M-B Australia now only offers 2 reds and one blue/grey, all the rest are mono-chromatic !

Like most companies M-B uses lots of the bright colours in the advertising and brochures, but that is not what everyone buys. Who can forget the R170 launch colour was Yellow and we still see SLS, SLR, AMG GTs shown off in yellow and red.

So this poses a question.......
If you have a bright/strong colour, blue, green, red, yellow, is it worth MORE because it is so so rare, or worth less because fewer people are looking for those cars?

How about some pictures of unusual and rare (paint) colours ?

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I had a FireMist SLK230. I sold it and searched for 4 months for a 2004 SLK32 in the same color. I found it (see signature pic). It is NOT FireMist Red. It is called Amber/Red and is slightly different than FireMist. I have seen only one other '04 in this color. It was for sale about 14 months ago in California.

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Galena silver. Either silverish or bluish depending on time of day.
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