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Friday, August 21st returning home on Monday August 24, 2020

Sacramento Valley SLK Enthusiasts - Announcing August, 2020 Overnight Road Trip to: Petaluma-Sea Ranch–Ft. Bragg–Leggett-Mendocino (Friday, August 21st returning home on Monday August 24, 2020). Don & John have already booked our reservations at the Beachcomber Motel in Ft. Bragg. Phone 1/707/964-2402. We have stayed there several times.
If you are planning to attend this drive please call & book your reservations now. If you change your mind let them know 72 hours in advance. Ask for any AAA discounts. We will be planning side drives, dining and special events for this road trip in the near future, but now is the time to get your reservations.
“Enjoy epic vistas of California’s North Coast from your hotel room’s private deck. California’s North Coast is the stuff of legends. “Ranked the third best place to go” by the New York Times, the stunning Mendocino Coast and Fort Bragg area provide an abundant and diverse array of natural wonders, shops, restaurants, beaches, and local attractions near the Beachcomber Motel. “
If you want more info about Fort Bragg feel free to contact the Mendocino Coast Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center at 707/961-6300 & they will send you a welcome package.

Draft Itinerary:
Friday (8/21): We will meet somewhere near Petaluma then head over to the coast to Hwy 1 North. We will stop by Sea Ranch’s Black Point Grill for lunch.
We will go to Fort Bragg next to Check into our Motel. Dinner, Restaurant has not been determined yet.

Saturday (8/22): We will head up to Leggett to drive through the Chandelier redwood tree. Lunch & Dinner restaurants have not been determined yet.

Sunday (8/23): We will do wine tasting & visit their goat/sheep farm or Mendocino Botanical Gardens. Lunch & Dinner restaurants have not been determined yet. .

Monday (8/24): Check out of Hotel & head home.

We should have some great roads and beautiful views as well!



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Janie and I plan on meeting up with your group at the Sea Ranch for lunch. We will be heading back to Portland early Monday morning.
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