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The 2018 Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM) season concluded this past weekend at Hockenheim, with the Mercedes-AMG team snatching another title in the decades-long competition. It is also to be its last, at least for the foreseeable future.

The DTM team roster is extremely limited, with only three carmakers taking part until this year, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes. So it’s only natural a close connection is established between the teams taking part.

The races in 2018 marked the final season for Mercedes in the competition. The company will be leaving, and its place will be taken, odd as it may seem given that this was mostly an all-German competition, by Aston Martin.

On Sunday, the Audi cars on the Hockenheim boasted a very special message to Mercedes: See You!, with the letter “o” being, in fact, the Mercedes three-pointed star logo. And to enforce their feeling of regret, the guys from Audi also put together a very emotional video, showing glimpses of the troubled, yet long-lasting relationship the two have had on the tracks.

“After competing against each other in the DTM for 22 thrilling years packed with hard racing and plenty emotions, our rival Mercedes-Benz is leaving the DTM. We are sure that we will meet again. See you, Mercedes-Benz!” Audi says.

The reason behind Mercedes' decision to drop DTM from the list of things to do – a decision announced in mid-2017 - is the rise in appeal of Formula E. Mercedes-Benz is determined to make a name for itself in the rather new series, and decided to ditch one competition for the other.

A decision not many really understand. Audi, who still remains in DTM, is already in Formula E and, more than that, even won the series this year. On its part, BMW too will be joining the world of electric racing, without quitting DTM.

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