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At this stage, it is just planning

I know other people had said that it is not worth it because the compression ratio on our car is too high (from my research online, it is 10.7:1).

From what I gather, there are a few ways to reduce the compression: dish piston, shorter connecting rod, or the way I'm planning I'm is to forge my own thicker (1cm thickness) head gasket to reduce the compressions.

The reason this might work better is because I would not have take the piston, Connecting rod out which is more work and I don't have to change any of the timing.

My question is: what do I need to program the ecu to make the pump and fuel injector to spray more?

Star diagnostic? Which version for 2005 slk350?

What else would I need?
Either that or convert the car to Electric using the Tesla motor.

** Projects since the last time I was active here **

- Painted wheels white, bolts and calipers Red (the red kinda match my red leather interior.)

- installed a touch screen music video, MP3, GPS with back camera

To Do DIY list:
- will change the 2 rear tire and balance it by myself sometime this two weeks. Tires just come in today, waiting for the red valve stem

- Fix heated seat
- tint windows
- tint headlights blue
- forge with own bummer mount goose neck spoiler

- DIY wide body kit , something similar to attached image


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it is hopeless. Tried to do this with an 32Amg kompressor and the amount of work and parts was a stopper.
You will need larger injectors, an intercooler, pipes, new pump and many many more. Stock parts for this engine are on their limit so probably will work for some time and then go kaput.
You can not change ecu parameters with star, you need special software and for better results probaly a piggy back ecu.
Its a very difficult task if not totally not worthed.
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