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I tried I can not do it. A dirty car drives me crazy and of Course I do not want been seen with a dirty car in the driveway if that darn Google Earth Car comes by and takes more Pictures. The whole World than knows that I own a dirty car. Darn Google they are sure bad for saving water.:|

A new campaign is being rolled out by Volvo Cars USA and it’s not what you’d expect. The Swedes want to help save water these days and want you to drive dirty to do so. Ok, some explaining is due here.

Volvo started the #DrivingDirty campaign that basically wants you to either wash your car less often or, when you do, use special car washes that don’t use water. Or both, if you want to.

According to them, this could save as much as 18 million gallons of water in California alone, which is facing a serious drought these days. The one behind the whole plan was the President of Volvo San Diego, Steve Hinkle, the general manager writing the master plan behind this ambitious goal.

The man himself is actually offering customers a voucher to use the aforementioned car washing facilities that save water. That’s just the first step, though. The man has taken things into his own hands, the entire fleet of cars that he is managing now using waterless solutions to clean the cars. This alone saves some 108,000 gallons of water according to Volvo’s own estimates.

Kind of cool of Volvo, right? Wrong!

The best part about this whole story is that you don’t need a Volvo to take part in this ambitious endeavor. As the officials say, you can do it with your own car, be it a BMW, Mercedes, Chevy or whatever. All you have to do is use the DrivingDirty hashtag when posting a photo of your dirty car on social media.

Hopefully, it will become a trend, even if for a little while and make people follow in your footsteps. That would save millions of gallons if it is done in the US alone but, with the power of the internet, things could go global and become even better.

To be even more precise, Volvo claims that the water you save on one spared car wash is enough for you to flush the toilet ten times, put on the dishwasher, brush your teeth twice and wash your clothes (if you really wanted to). Isn’t that interesting?
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