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By Laura Kukuk

I am so old I remember them racing back in the days........:surprise::surprise:

In Germany, there are many places to visit, especially if you’re the kind of automotive archaeologist that digs Porsche’s racing history and the teams and garages that brought them such success. And if you find yourself in Cologne, the first name on your list should be Kremer Racing, the team that defined Porsche’s racing success in the ’70s and ’80s as a factory-backed crew as well as an independent.

Erwin and Manfred Kremer, two brothers born in Cologne, founded Kremer Racing in 1962 after strong careers of their own as international racing drivers who were already modifying Porsches to their requirements. Their goal was to establish their own racing team, together with developing and modifying the factory’s best offerings in the field of motorsport, making them even better, improved, evolved if you will. This led to the Le Mans-winning K3, among many others, and earned the brothers their reputation as something beyond simply “tuners.” Occasionally they operated as a factory-backed team, but really, they were all about the independence and chasing their own goals while winning every race they could, which they often did.
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