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So I miss someones introductory post in the "....please introduce yourself" forum. It can happen;
Is it OK to welcome someone when they receive their Data card? That seems more ritualistic than the perfunctory "please introduce yourself" forum.

Please close this thread if it absolutely makes no sense.

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you can but we prefer you don't because then it generates a new post and members will see your welcome and thinking it is a new member, they will welcome them and since they might not recognize that the new member did as we requested and posted a new member intro, where they had already welcomed them.

Plus, the request datacard thread says, you guessed it
The below is in RED. It must be important

If you are a new member and have NOT updated your profile AND posted an introduction, we will not get you your free datacard until you do. We don't want you to 'hit' and 'run'.
Update and post an intro like this:

Please update your location/vehicle (year?: 1996-2016, model?: 32, 200, 230, 250, 280, 300,320,350,55) in your profile as it helps the members answer your questions which usually are based on that information if you haven’t already.
‘Usercp’ at the top left of page, then ‘edit your details’ on the left side, ‘additional information’ near the bottom, edit your ‘location’ and ‘vehicle’. Info in your ‘garage’ does not update your ‘profile.

Don’t be shy. Post an introduction in the ‘New members introduce yourself here’ section, if you haven’t already.


If you welcome them in the datacard request section, then they post an intro, people will be welcoming them in numerous sections and duplicate posts/threads are not permitted and deleted.

Plus I work hard enough as it is.

and if you are hitting the new posts/threads button when you log in or anytime, you will never miss a new member intro thread.
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