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For any fans of The Who: The greatest Maximum R&B band the world has ever known.

As you may have heard, what's left of The Who - the greatest band in the history of the world... Ever (did I mention that?), The Two - are touring this year on what I have resigned myself to believe will be their final tour.
There's a bit of a clue in the name of the tour, it's called Moving On. :frown:

I am a life long fan, have been for 40-odd years. Seen them loads of times - all four, then three, then two and nowadays I always think the next time will be Townsend or Daltry on his own.
For some obscure reason, they're only playing one show in the UK on this tour (I know not why but it might be because they have a combined age of several hundred and maybe they need their Z time), at Wembley Stadium in July and the ticket prices are suitably extortionate. A decent seat was pushing £200:surprise:
Factor in ticket prices, train tickets, accommodation in that London, etc and it ends up costing a small fortune, so for what it's worth to us, my bezzie and I have decided to Bucket List it.

So.... Pair of heaven sent angels that we are... :ch: ( that's me on the right)

Brace yourselves California, the Mancs are coming.....

With travel, accomm, etc, it's worked out at just over £700 each but the experience will be..... Priceless.

The Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, California, USA

Excited? You bet your arse we are :tazz:

The only downside to this is that I've recently learned that Liam Bloody Gallagher is likely to be the support act :butt:

I was looking forward to Eddie Vedder or the like but no, we get this talentless parka wearing fool.
I'm really annoyed by his arrogance that we should travel 11,000 miles to see what is universally acknowleged to be a has-been. Never mind, we can always find a bar while he's yarling his way through some indecipherable clinging-onto-fame-by-his-finger-nails-post-Oasis crap.

Bring on the Main Event :Beer:
The Who... The Hollywood Bowl... No wives to control(?) us... GET IN >:D

BTW. They (our respective spouses) have told us that apparently we have 'form' and that they are prepared to cover most things we're likely to get up to but they WILL NOT post bail money.

We have been warned.... but we're good boys.. honest 0:)

BTW#2 We're staying in a motel on Sunset Bld. Is Hooters any good? People say it is :nerd:

(No SLK's were harmed in the forming of this post, not even my own)

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Jealous lifelong fan myself ... first show 44 years ago - my mates sister drove in a 68 mustang that could only turn left... Saw RD open for Clapton a few years back in Birmingham AL.
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