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vario roof problem

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My roof is not working, sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't.
SOmetimes i would leave it alone for 2 weeks and then it worked perfectly.
The last time this happened the roof was open and it didn't want to i did it manually.
After i closed it manally, the roof won't open anymore.
The button makes no noise at all..if i push the button forward, as if i wanted to close the roof...there is noise.
the blinking on the button seems to be normal.
What can be going on?
things i need to check for?
i don't wanna buy a new pump when it might be something else. Did i leave a lock on? can a switch be stucked?
I found some confusing diagrams on the forum, some of them don't even belong to the r170.
Can someone please guide me ? Summer is coming here in the tropic and i need to fix my roof asap!
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Probably a sticky or broken switch. If you're handy with a circuit tester or ohmmeter measure each circuit see post 7 here.
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