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Just bought 2006 SLk55 additional MB as toy my car. Currently I am driving CLA250 but pass to my girl when she start driving. The wife driving C250.

Found this car under 2nd owner in this forum. I am the 4th owner. So far my mode new set wheels, and replace stock radio was not good sound. I like better Bluetooth and GPS.

Please share if there are some MB events around Orange County, CA

Thank you for all Friendly group!


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Welcome to the elite SLKWorld forum!

Just a few suggestions to make your time here a fun and informative experience...

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Hi and welcome from the UK Midlands! :)

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Welcome to The #1 Mercedes-Benz SLK Forum from Valrico, Florida!

Please update your location and vehicle (model and year,ie 2006 SLK 55) in your profile as it helps the members answer your questions which usually are based on that information if you haven’t.
Follow exactly to update: ‘Usercp’ at the top of page, then ‘edit your details’ on the left side, ‘additional information’ near the bottom, edit your ‘location’ and ‘vehicle’. Your profile is NOT updated in your ‘personal garage’.

owner's and maintenance manuals great R171 info:

later year owner's/maintenance/comand manuals, top right in the link below:

your brochure:

mods you should do:

clear or tinted side markers
shorty antenna
led license plate bulbs
led parking lights
carbon fiber on the C pillars
oem windscreen or lighted/etched windscreen
Post your vin in the Vehicle Datacard Request section to get a free datacard (options on your car).

Thank you
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Welcome to the forum from San Diego. Very cool that you ended up with Todd's old car. I really like the wheels you put on (sorry Todd :D).

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Welcome to the forum from down south of you!

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Welcome from Irvine. I still have the OEM wheels Todd sold me from your car.

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Welcome from southern California.

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Greetings from Tennessee !

You live in a great place for an SLK. Beautiful weather and lots of scenic curvy roads. There are also lots of SLK folks that live there. Keep checking back and I'm sure they'll have a get-together soon.

Welcome to the Forum.
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