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I sold my car a while back but did not let it go with these. So this is a rare opportunity for someone who wants a serious interior upgrade in their '32.

The wheel is a factory SLK32 AMG steering wheel that's been professionally re-engineered to include an F1 style bottom, SL55 paddle shifters, CF finish and grey ultra suede with contrasting stitching. It is one-of-a-kind, expertly completed and looks stunning on the car. The wheel is in as new condition. Similar wheels go for about $1000-1200 but I will sell it for $800 plus shipping. The electronics kit to add paddle shifting to your '32 (which also retains the factory tiptronic shifting as well) is still available for $340, but once the last few of these kits are gone, they won't be making any more.

The matching seats are true carbon fiber with contrast stitching untrasuede Cobra Misanos with factory adapted power seat bases plus power lumbar inflation (and with custom impressed AMG logos). These are an homage to the F1 SLK55 chase car, are designed to accept harnesses, and look factory race. These bolt right in your car and the high side bolsters really help keep you strapped in during hard driving...critical if you track your car. I am small framed and was always swimming and sliding in the factory seats. If you are very large in the caboose these may be too tight. Pics are from installation in my car right before I sold and pulled them. They are as new. I will sell them for $3200 plus shipping or make me an offer for a package deal with the wheel.

It would be much preferred to pick these up in Tampa than to ship, but I will ship them if you are willing to take the risk. I am only in the US for the next week and a half and I can prep for shipment while I'm here, but after that it's pick up only until my next return later this year.

Email: craigkovach" at-gee-mayle

Forgot to add that if you are interested in the seats, please PM/email me. Thanks!


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In no particular order

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