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Look at this FL is almost a clear color. I bet they are all at the Golden Coral for the early bird dinner special. :grin::grin:

A new study made a top with the States that have the most “reckless” drivers, for you to be more careful when commuting and to avoid them as much as possible.

If you ever asked yourself in which states are the worst drivers, a new study comes with the answer, showing the top 10 states with the worst drivers. The report, based on federal highway statistics, indicates Montana as the leader and, more than that, “finishing among the top 20 in every category, ranging from 20th in Speeding to 1st in Fatality Rate,” noted Tyler Spraul, who oversaw the study for CarInsurance

The conclusions that can be drawn from the study are that the worst drivers in America are largely to be found in rural states with not so populated urban areas. That includes New Mexico and South Carolina, tied for second, and North Dakota and Hawaii, tied for seventh. Delaware, which is a central hub for traffic traveling along, or heading to, the East Coast, is ranked ninth. The attached map indicates Montana in red, and the rest of the top 10 worst drivers in dark blue.

According to Tyler Spraul, there are multiple reasons for Montana’s top spot, with the most dangerous factor being the “deadly combination” of high speed limits and severe weather. A common cause for the top 10 “to be avoided” states is the “drunk driving”, which made both New Mexico and South Carolina fight for the second spot on the list. Careless driving is another factor that widely spread throughout these states.

Via The Detroit Bureau
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