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Upgrade Bulbs Questions

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Hello All.

I'm thinking of upgrading the low beam bulbs for my R171 135KW Model.

I have had a look at the osram bulb finder at Osram - Vehicle Lamp Finder but it is stating "There are several available technologies for this application. Please choose the right one for your vehicle."

The drop down menu gives me two options -

Halogen headlamp or bi-xenon.

Any ideas how I can figure out what i actually need here please?
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Do you have Xenon lamps? If so you should not need to upgrade.
If you upgrade to Xenon I think that is a Biggish Job?
Nightbreaker Bulbs (Osram) get very good reviews.
Check your manual for the correct type of bulb for your car. (H7?)
If you have Xenon you will definitely have Headlamp Wash if no Headlamp Wash - No Xenon.
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Your datacard will tell you whether you have halogen or xenon
Or you can look at them
If you have Xenon headlamps you will also be able to tell by the transparent "gills" that light up with the dipped beam from the projector lense and you will have no manual level adjustment switch on the dash because xenons have automatic levelling.
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Also you will know if you if you have standard or Xenon if you can actually see where you're going at night..........

Upgraded my standard bulbs to xenon.... literally night and day.. (hoho...)
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Get your free datacard. Let me say it again....get your free datacard :D :D :D

then you will know because it will say Halogen or it will say Bi-Xenon :D :D :D
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He now has his free datacard! :D :D
No bi-xenon listed and just says headlamps so standard halogen
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Thanks Jeff.

So does everyone thing this will be a simple thing to change or more trouble than it's worth?

What would be my options here?
more trouble to go to bi-xenon HID
just get brighter H7 bulbs. they have em up to 6k, maybe 8k lumens
from a search of our site: r171 brighter headlights

you can also check bulb maker sites like sylvania for ideas
You can get Xenon conversion kits now that are pug and play and they are cheaper than expensive bulbs. I just converted my fogs to xenon and the whole kit was $60
Bear in mind that, due to UK MOT requirements, if you upgrade to Xenons / HID I think that (legally) you also need to have self-levelling and headlamp washers... I don't know how closely these things are policed, but I'm sure that I've read that this is a legal requirement here...
Xenon upgrades to "standard" halogen lights used to be legal in the UK.
However, now they must be accompanied by self levelling etc. And if they are not they are an MoT failure.
Hi. I also had the rubbish "Can't see where I'm going" halogens. For 80 gbp I bought an hid conversion kit which comes with ballasts and xenon bulbs. It was easy to fit ( 2 hrs) good quality and my car passed the mot no problem in the UK. It's correct they should have self levelling and washers but most mot garages aren't bothered as long as the lights work. I've had the xenons for 18 months now and my advice is don't bother with so called whiter light halogens,fit an hid kit and you'll never regret it.
Thank you all for your reply's. Would it be possible to take the full xenon clusters another SLK and simply switch the units over?
Thank you all for your reply's. Would it be possible to take the full xenon clusters another SLK and simply switch the units over?
IIRC this is possible; however, may need coding via DAS.
Others that are knowledgeable may chime in soon.
Sort of ...

You'll loose the self leveling and washers (unless your car already has them), plus coding will be needed too ..
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