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Hi there,

I have a collection of parts remaining - mainly from a 1996 SLK 230 that I tried to fix but couldn't :(

I will try and list them all below with prices including postage - I'm trying to make them the cheapest available to get them gone -

Original Left Headlight complete. £40
Original Right Headlight complete. £40

Original Left Fog-Light. £15
Original Right Fog-Light. £15

SOLD - Supercharger A1110900080 with broken magnetic 'clutch' (from my '98 car that had done under 82k miles). £75

PSE - code 170 800 0148 - Very clean inside but requires some new pins soldering back in where the electrical socket connection is - originals got wet, rusted and broke off when unplugged. £25

K40 Fuse Relay Box A2105400072 Module. £60

SOLD - Roof Control ECU Module 170 820 01 26. £60

Retro-Fit Kenwood KDC-200UB CD Player with USB. £20

Mercedes Audio 10 CD player with code - CD Player not working. £15

Dashboard with coin-tray. £40 (collection only)

Door Trims / Caps - bits around lock, covering mirror screws, etc. £20

Boot Interior trim panel with light (and the metal panel behind it). £22

Engine Fan and Shroud. £25

Radiator Fan control module box. £20

Pair of airbag crash sensors. £22

Transmission Gearbox Control Module 020 545 87 32. £30

Automatic Gear Shift Lever. £40

A/C Heating Controls Panel / Dials. £30

Passenger Side Window with a working 'stop' £40 (collection only)

Front Headliner Trim Piece with Interior Light (very early cars only). £35

Metal air-intake pipe. £20

Scuttle Panel with windscreen washer jets. £25

Air box. £25

Charcoal Activated Filter x 2. £20 each

Pair of Roll Hoops £25

Throttle Body. £20

Butterfly Valve that attaches to airbox. £20

Boot hinges. £20

Wiper Arms. £20

Boot Roof Roller Blind. £20

Sun Visors. £20

I have other bits and pieces eg, Jack and Brace, Spare Wheel/Compressor Holder, Speakers, Speaker Grills, Window Motors, bonnet catch and lever handle, ECU box fan, Alarm Sensors, Interior Trim Pieces, etc.

Pretty much everything is already photographed.

Collection from Corby / Peterborough Possible.

clived2004 AT gmail DOT com

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