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£32̶5̶0̶ new lower price £2750 ovno

For sale, my 2002 Mercedes SLK320 automatic. I bought this car with the intention of keeping it for a good few years, and as such I had to travel half the country to get what I was looking for as the ones for sale locally were not in very good condition due to excessive rust. This car has spent its life in England where the better weather means less or no salt on the roads and because of this the underside of the car is in great condition, for example, all the brake pipes and fuel lines are the original factory items.

My reason for selling is that last week I got the chance of a lovely SL500 at a price I could not refuse, so that is now in my garage and the SLK is up for sale.

The car is in very good condition with no dents, scratches, or wear on the interior etc. Bearing in mind it is seventeen years old there are a few rust blisters on the body. It was my intention to get these repaired during the winter months when usually I store my convertible when the weather is bad. Overall is is a great looking car and gets lots of positive compliments.

I have upgraded the headlights to clear items with daytime running lights, I have also changed the front spotlights to clear lenses too, this gives the car a much cleaner, modern look. I have also replaced the original stereo with a new Pioneer head unit to get bluetooth hands free telephone in the car.

When I bought the car it had a short MOT and all I had to do was fit two new Bosch flat wiper blades and two new (Nexen) rear tyres and it sailed through its test. The aircon was not working due to a leaking condenser so I fitted a brand new aircon condenser and had the system recharged. It now blows ice cold.
While doing the condenser I noticed a small oil leak from the rocker cover on one bank of the v6. I replaced both of these last week as it is a common fault on this engine as it nears 100k miles. While doing that I also changed out the 12 spark plugs and changed the oil (8 litres!) and oil filter. The brakes were also stripped, cleaned and measured against spec and rebuilt. The rear shock absorbers have also been recently renewed with oem Bilstein items.
I have receipts from Eurocarparts for all the parts that have been fitted. I have done all this work myself as I teach motor vehicle studies in the local college and have access to state of the art tools, ramps and other equipment.

There is a complete history with the car and it was subject to a Mercedes Benz maintenance contract for 8 years from 2010 to 2018. The original book pack is here and there is a folder of receipts and paperwork, old MOT's etc etc that goes with the car.

The car is quite well spec'd with a couple of good factory options like heated seats, upgraded 17" wheels and a perspex wind deflector. It comes with two flip out remote keys.

I would say that the car drives more or less as it did when it left the factory. There are no knocks or bangs, it does not use any oil and the brakes pull it up straight and true. Like I said, I was planning on keeping this car for a few years and that is the reason I carried out so much preventative maintenance. You will see my new weekend toy, the SL500 in the background of the pics, that and my daily drive the silver A class.

I live to the north east of Glasgow if anyone would like to view. The V5 is in my name at my address and the private plate A14BMD will be removed and the car will revert back to its original number RG02OWF.

Any questions drop me a line.


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