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Another great News Story.... of course from Floriduh.

Delivering the mail is supposed to be a straightforward job, right? The postal worker gets an assignment, drives the van to every address on the list, then puts the mail in the specified box.
Well, this job description did not cut it for one woman that was working for the U.S. Postal service. Instead of delivering mail to the corresponding addresses on the envelopes, she was spotted by security cameras while dumping the mail in a trash container that belonged to a restaurant located in Lee County, Florida.

Fortunately for all the senders and recipients involved, the owner of Luigina’s Pizza&Grill, Louie Rondao, was watching security footage on that particular Saturday. His vigilance helped him observe a mail truck of the U.S. Postal Service that had entered the area where the restaurant stores its trash, and then noticed that the worker was throwing something in the dumpster.

The suspicious actions of the U.S. Postal worker did not go unnoticed with Louie Rondao, and he decided to call his wife to check the situation. Since the owner’s wife was at the venue, she went behind the establishment and inspected the dumpster, as instructed by her husband.

The result was the discovery of hundreds of envelopes and postcards. From personal letters, to checks, payments, and business fliers, the dumpster had all kinds of mail inside. With evidence in hand, Louie Rondao contacted WBBH to investigate the matter, and also made a complaint with authorities.

Tampering with mail is a federal offense, and the 2015-2016 fiscal year has brought 493 arrests, 1,220 administrative actions, and about $31.1 million in fines regarding mail theft, delay, and mail destruction.

According to NBC-2, the intended recipients of the dumped shipment were contacted, and their letters will be reprocessed and placed back into the regional mail systems.

The representatives of the inspector general’s office have announced that their colleagues are working on identifying the woman seen in the security footage to apply suitable sanctions.

you can see the video here
U.S. Postal Worker Caught Dumping Mail by Security Footage - autoevolution
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