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Turning stock headlights into AMG FL/Sport packet ones

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Here i am sharing with you my modification of turning the stock R171 headlights into the AMG/Sport Packet ones. (Grey painted inside)

Firstly, i had to unmount the front bumper at fenders' and grille's side in order to remove the headlights.
Imagsafe pic issues

After that, i disassembled the 2 ballast units at the bottom and all bulbs inside.

I took a heat gun and heat the headlight around in order to warm the glue and separated the front transparent plastic part from the core. It was much easier than i expected.

I placed the front plastic part away from dust and started to cover with precision the area that i didnt want to be painted.

I started painting very smoothly with a spray can which its color is very familiar to the original color (Pearled grey matte). I repeated 2 times and let it dry. I removed the protective tape and the foil very carefully.

I had to re-heat the glue of both front plastic cover and the core and mount them together again. I reinstall the ballast units and all the bulbs. I was ready to install my new headlight!

I repeat all this work on the other headlight the day after.

i hope you like it!



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