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Hey fellow SLKers

I need some suggestions on a good shop that doesn't charge a leg and a limb for service for our 1999 Mercedes Benz SLK 230.

I'm convinced that we bought our car with bad/old Roof actuators (1 or more inside the cabin were replaced before we bought the car so that the roof did work at the time). Any ways our top stopped working a while ago because one of the seals in the rear driver side trunk actuator was leaking and also the seal to the pump was leaking so all the fluid drained out causing the pump to stop working.

We replaced the seal and filled the pump back up so that the roof worked again, but with a tiny leak from the previously mentioned actuator (rear drivers side in the trunk). The roof worked fine for about 10-15 cycles :biglaugh: until the seal like completely burst and spat out all the fluid on our trunk :mad::td::(.

So now we're looking to get that actuator worked on/replaced so the top can work again :burnout:

Does anybody in the Orlando/Central Florida Area know of a good shop or dealership that is honest and won't charge $4k + to fix our roof problems. We have one shop in mind (the same one that fixed the leaky seal from the Pump), but I'd like to get some opinions from you guys that have visited multiple dealerships/shops for work as I'm sure you guys know the secret places with great deals ;)

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated and hopefully the top gets fixed soon so I can enjoy the nice "winter" weather here in Florida :rockon:
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