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Triumph Riders Break Record In the UK - autoevolution

The 2015 record for the most Triumph motorcycles riding in a group was 362, but the past weekend that number might have been almost doubled. According to a BBC report, up to 688 riders gathered up in Mansfield to take part in the biggest owner rally so far.

Of course, the record is awaiting confirmation from Guinness, which could take up to a month, but organizer Kevin Wilcox from Staffordshire Triumph said 688 people registered.

"We've almost certainly broken the world record by a lot, and we've raised a lot of money for Jess as well which is fantastic," said Mr. Wilcox.

The ride also had a charitable side, with each rider having to pay a small £5 (€6/$6.5) fee to be part of the trip. All the funds go to the Jessica Simpkin Children Brain Tumor Research Center.

Miss Simpkin had a malignant brain tumor when she was three, and the treatment caused her several problems to her overall health and development. Later on, at the age of 19, she was discovered with another brain tumor and recently got diagnosed with five more.

Miss Simpkin, who has already raised more than £16,000, said: "I think it's amazing all these people that want to help come and support. I want to help to raise money for research into childhood brain tumors so that the treatment and cure does not cause the problems in later life that I am experiencing."

A similar event was attempted in Australia to beat the previous 362-rider record. Unfortunately, the gathering coordinated by John Adkins wasn’t attended by enough Triumph owner and failed to raise the bar.
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