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1. raise vehicle and put on jack stands.

2. remove engine panels.

3. Located the transmission cooler. RH front side. Upper hose, but don't take that one off. Follower back to flex hose and disconnect there. Cooler has a thermostat build in it.

4. Remove drain plug from transmission.

5. Pop out green guide tube.

6. remove 6 each pan screws. Drop pan, at lease a liter or more still in it.

7. Clean pan , snap new guide tube in (green). New filter installed and gasket.

8. Using a Mityvac 7201 push in 5 liters of blue Shell 134FE fluid

9. Filled Mityvac with four more litters.

10. Pull flex line going to the cooler. Top line on cooler and had wife started engine and it pump out 4 liters of fluid while the Mityvac was pushing in 4 litters.

11. Turn off engine and connected transmission flex line back to fitting.

12. Crank engine turn on AC and ran transmission thru the gears.

13. Check clear adapter line and no fluid dripping down, so put in another 1/2 liter, engine running. Now line is full of trans fluid. Open the in line shut off valve and cleared the line with air. Engine still running. A cup maybe of trans fluid came out of transmission and went to drops. Transmission adapter was un screwed and drain plug with new seal was install and torque while engine was running.

14. Check for leaks and any loose nuts bolts and put engine under panels back on and went for a ride. 50 miles round trip. Smother shifts on passing and in town , could not feel any gear changes except hard throttle. Very smother. New spark plug installed last week end. car is 7 years old. After plugs install engine was very smooth and instant response. No pictures. Took 3 plus hours due to outside temp was at 103. A lot of heat comes off those engine when you are that close to it. All filters and stuff were Mercedes or list as OEM. Shell fluid 134fe @7.00 per litter. $250 for supplies plus a Mityvac to push the fluid back in. Well worth it to me.

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Just had same done at recent service - £298 on top of MOT and scheduled service.
It's five years for a transmission fluid change here in the UK, presumably because our road conditions elicit more frequent gear changes.
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