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Most European cars look like they're about the same size, somewhere between Mary-Kate Olsen small and Kim Kardashian chunky. However, there are a few models that seem to defy the rules, the Dennis Rodmans and Shaquille O'neals of four wheels.

It's natural to think of the G63 AMG or the Range Rover when somebody mentions "fat cars." But there are leaner, more elongated alternatives like the Maybach.

No, we're not talking about the new Mercedes-Maybach brand, which takes the S-Class and fills it with luxury goodies. We're referring to the old Maybach 62S from waaaaay back.

This next clip shows how a team of towers/lifters struggle with the massive bulk of the vehicle. This incident occurred in 2013 on one of the main streets of Vienna, the Austrian capital.

In America, companies use tow trucks and simply lift one axle off the ground to tow the vehicle. If the vehicle is in park… screw you and your transmission.

However, the Europeans are a little more delicate. They use cranes to lift the vehicle onto a platform. The drawback to such a system is that bigger vehicles may prove too heavy. We've personally seen the hydraulic outriggers go of these tow trucks pierce the road while lifting a Mk3 Range Rover.

I know what you guys are thinking: "But the Maybach is a sedan, it can't possibly be heavier than an SUV." Yes, it can. The 62 models tipped the scales at 2,805 kg (6,184 lb) without luggage and fuel.

That's what happens when your car is equipped as standard with a television screen, four-zone air conditioning, a wine cooler and 18-way adjustable heated/cooled/vented seats. There's also a lot of sheet metal here. The total length of the vehicle is similar to the largest vans, and the wheelbase of 150.7 in (3,828 mm) means you could bay-park two smart cars in there.

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