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tow alarm reset issue *updated to "start error"

*Update 25-Sept: the MB tech reports that they found nothing wrong. It started up each and every time after the car was towed to the shop.
Figures, huh!? :confused:
The report says they "performed a short test and found multiple DTCs for alarm system being activated however car starts every time. Vehicle stayed outside overnight for two days and started every morning without failure".
I'd wished they'd have found the problem and fixed it. Now I'm very apprehensive about the possibility of experiencing the dreaded start error again.

*Update 20-Sept: after being away for two weeks I was hoping the start error issue had somehow resolved itself. No such luck - car still does not start :(
I have had the car towed to the MB dealer for diagnostic and service.
(made sure to turn off the SmartTop)

Will update when the problem is resolved.

Was not able to reset the tow alarm the other night - here's what had happened:

Came out to my SLK parked in the parking garage and remote key didn't unlock the door. Immediate thought was the key fob battery had died - checked by looking for light while pressing unlock button - battery is good.

Unlocked the driver door using the key and the tow alarm goes off - flashing the front and rear park lamps, but no siren or horn.
Tried starting the car - would turn over but not start. Did this twice, then nothing.
Lights still flashing.
Light on tow alarm button is flashing too.

Frantically looking on mobile AutoGuide app for solution.
Eventually found 2 threads for advice: one said to disconnect battery for 30 minutes. Another suggested pulling the fuse for the alarm circuit. (Thanks to those forum posters!)

So had a friend bring tools and we disconnected the battery.
Pulled the fuse (#9), waited 30 minutes, and then reconnected the battery cable.
Lights still flashing, so try the remote unlock and it unlocks, but lights still flashing.
Start the car (yay! it starts now!) and lights still flashing.
Turn on headlamps and parking lights are now constant on.
Once home the lights still flash with headlamps off.

So, I disconnected the battery and left it that way overnight.
Next morning, I replaced the fuse and reconnected the battery.
Lights begin flashing like the previous night.
This time when pressing the unlock button they quit :)

Checked the lock / unlock operation several times and all seems in good working order.
Drove to work and back and still no problems with the alarm.

I suspect the movement of the parking garage floor somehow triggered the alarm. Just like the manual advises to turn it off when on a ferry, etc.

But have not found why I was unable to reset the alarm with the unlock button?

Anyone else have this problem?
Any advice on what might be wrong?

PS - on the plus side, I found that our insurance provides a limited roadside assistance and would have provided towing, but of course there was inadequate clearance in the garage for my car atop a flatbed wrecker!

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Well the problem has evolved into a start error.
I've tried rotating the ring at the ignition switch with no change.
Any suggestions before I call to get a tow?

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Still no luck...
Had the Sears automotive tech check the battery and it's good.
Now just waiting for the tow truck :(
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