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Sunday marked the 50th traffic related fatality in the jurisdiction of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police and, this time, the cause of the fatal crash was impaired driving.

A man from Washington, identified by NBC affiliate News 3 Las Vegas as 29-year-old Stanley Butler, rented a green 2018 McLaren 570S from Dream Exotic Car Rentals and then drove it drunk. He rented the car almost one day before the accident, and the rental company tells KTNV that, at the time he filled out the necessary forms, he met all conditions to rent an exotic car.

They confirmed the McLaren was theirs but would not go on the record with a comment on the crash. Meanwhile, a staffer at another rental company, Royalty Exotic Cars, says Butler tried to rent one of their vehicles before going over to the other company. He doesn’t say why he didn’t let Butler drive off in one of their cars.

LVMPD says that, at the time of the accident, Butler was driving impaired and at a high rate of speed. He lost control of the McLaren and came off the roadway, smashing into a parked Toyota Camry with one person in the front passenger seat. The rear of the McLaren struck the Camry on the side, flipping it.

The man inside the Camry died on the spot. Butler is in hospital in serious condition, while the passenger traveling with him is in critical condition.

The owner of a nearby shop heard the crash and called the police. When officers arrived, they arrested Butler after noticing that he was impaired.

LVMPD is now using the crash as a warning to all drivers: don’t drive impaired or someone else might not go home to their families, as it happened to the man sitting in his parked Toyota.
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