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Its that time of year! Put your top down and cruise! WindRestrictor weather!

*WindRestrictor are the strongest wind blockers on the market!
*We actually block wind! Expect about a 50% decrease! Talk on the phone, listen to your radio, and keep your hair in place!
*All WindRestrictors come with a lifetime warranty!
*We're LASER etched and luminescent! Trying to see around decals/stickers is a thing of the past!
*Our custom work has no limit. If you can think of it, we can etch it!
*Light up your WindRestrictor with one of 8 vibrant colors!
*Cool accessories to further enhance your individual mod!

Order online right now using code Paul for a forum discount!

WindRestrictor® Custom Windscreen, Laser Etched Illuminated Windscreens, High Quality Wind Deflectors
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