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I guess that is the closest the Italians can come to Woolly Green.:surprise:

Anybody who can read, as well as many people who can’t, will tell you the Ferrari 458 Speciale is... well... special. However, the example we want to show you today can be considered double Speciale and it’s all thanks to its attire.

This Prancing Horse is dressed in Tiffany Blue, with the famous jeweler's signature color being mixed with white stripes. The latter color was also used on the wheels, making this a complete two-tone visual scheme.

Together with its Aperta open-top version, the Speciale represents the end of an era for Maranello. As you can imagine, the Italians couldn’t let their naturally aspirated V8s go without a bang. Thus, the 4,497cc heart of the Speciale, which deliver 605 hp, has the greatest specific power output for a production naturally aspirated mill.

Sure, the Speciale doesn’t have the 488 GTB’s handling algorithm, which means its active dampers don’t soften up at the limit to give the driver a bit of extra feel. But it does employ a piece of software called Side Slip Angle Control (SSC). And this is no empty marketing talk.

Entering the stage in the Race or CT Off (traction control off, stability control on) modes of the Manettino, this helps the driver work with the E-Diff electronically-controlled diff to keep the car on the road even when sliding.

We still managed to spin the 458 Speciale during our review, but the fault was ours. Stay on top of your steering wheel and footwork game and this car will assist you in the wonderful ways of throttle steering.

The launch of the 458 Speciale Aperta also marks the departure of Luca di Montezemolo. Nowadays, Ferrari remains in Fiat Chrysler Chief Executive Officer Sergio Marchionne’s hands. Well, you too can control small bits of it, now that the Prancing Horse is listed on the stock exchange.

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