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I came across so many times abut "transmission reset" which is not a transmission reset at all and I looked further into it.
Found info there about throttle respond improvement and try it my self.
For my surprise, my tuner already disable the first option lastschagaempung
Then I change the pedal curve to KLD2 ( manual cars transmission and the feeling and response is great )
Disable torque limit parameter and in cornering or stand still start the car is not cutting the power as much.
Last i change the Momentenerhoehung gertribe, allows the engine ecu to monitor torque output and send it to transmission but keep it in safe limits.
For me it did make a difference.
I will ask all members with vas5054 or sd connect to try and report.

How video


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Thank you very much @i860 this certainly made a difference!

We have tried it on my R172, with Vediamo 5.1.1, and I think my throttle will now never need a reset again! :)

The parameters were found similarly in the Implicit coding section, and the property names were very similar to the ones from the video.
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